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2019-02-19 018.099 Noteline bug fix
2018-03-01 018.001 Version 18 licensing

Accusnap support for tools / add point
2017-12-08 017.005 Improved compatibility with dgn files edited with TerraSurvey CE
Info field visibility option in point editing dialog
2017-03-15 017.001 New v17 license version
2016-05-19 016.003 Fixed add new feature bug
2016-02-23 016.002 Fixed list elements coloring comparison bug with RGB colors

List elements and define features list now show real level names and RGB-colors

Contour options and hide text now allow using full level names
2015-09-20 015.002 Added 2D distance option for point comparison report
2015-02-16 015.001 Modified licensing module so that this release is also compatible with version 16 licenses
2014-12-19 014.005 Added reverse color definition to RGB mode

Removed pre-filtering from restore feature command

Added named levels and RGB colors to list elements tool
2014-04-11 014.002 Added some missing text for Finnish language version
2014-03-24 014.001 Installation bug with v8 version fixed

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